Bishop Sand





Bishop enjoys long hours fiddling with a few seconds of sound design. He's done stuff with Radiolab and created his first podcast, Sift, only to later destroy it and start this project. Bishop consumes all sorts of audio, while running alongside his dog and has realized that they're both just chasing squirrels. 



Jordan Wirfs-Brock

Technology has been keeping Jordan up at night for decades, so eventually she decided to put that restlessness to work pursuing a PhD in Information Science at the University of Colorado. Previously, Jordan was a data journalist who managed to convince her boss that doodling on tea bags was a legitimate way to teach people about the power grid. She also runs…like a whole lot.



Dan Boyce

Dan comes to Qualia with nearly a decade of professional journalism experience. If you listen to public radio all-day, every-day, there’s a good chance you’ll hear his voice -- given a long enough time frame. When he’s not helping Bishop, he’s getting ghosted by Tinder dates far more often than he thinks is fair.



Josh Vertucci

Josh Vertucci is a creative soul and photographer based out of Boulder, CO. Gaining creative influence through a childhood immersed in the arts and classical music, Josh draws inspiration from the many forms of creative expression seen through time. Often considered an old- soul and yet possessing a curious and child-like spirit, he becomes the kind of person you can both trust with your creative vision and yet become infected by his constant joy of life.