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A thought experiment in sound.



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Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Dan Boyce, Nora Gully, Melissa Utomu, Rebecca Jacobson, Molly Milota, Maya Yakobi, Sam Bryant, Jorge Nicolas Hernandez, Dani Merriman, Sam Rodgers, Josh Vertucci, Bishop Sand, Scott Clark 


Immersive episode


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A Cure For Hate?

Experience Professor Emile Bruneau’s intervention, which is proven to reduce your feelings of hatred toward another group.


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Cindy Gagnon -  guide , avalanche survivor

Cindy Gagnon - guide, avalanche survivor


Immersive Episode


Bonus Episodes


The Knowledge Illusion

Professor Philip Fernbach's story of his Malawi trip and the illusion we live in.

The Denial Balance

Cindy Gagnon was betrayed by her friends for a very common reason. And you'd do the same.

Feel the Chance

Feel differently about a chance through subtle shifts in presentation.

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