About Qualia

"Feelings and experiences vary widely. For example, I run my fingers over sandpaper, smell a skunk, feel a sharp pain in my finger, seem to see bright purple, become extremely angry. In each of these cases, I am the subject of a mental state with a very distinctive subjective character. There is something it is like for me to undergo each state, some phenomenology that it has. Philosophers often use the term ‘qualia’ (singular ‘quale’) to refer to the introspectively accessible, phenomenal aspects of our mental lives. In this broad sense of the term, it is difficult to deny that there are qualia." (Michael Tye from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


There is something it is like for us to feel the pull of a risk or the pang of empathy. Nobody can explain it well enough. You have to experience it for yourself. We use visualization techniques, sound design, actors, and scientific research to immerse you in a situation where you can experience phenomena first hand, evoking your own qualia. 




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